June 18, 2021

Daughter of Kenya Vice President marries Nigerian man

June Ruto, the daughter Kenya’s Vice President, William Ruto, has tied the nuptial knot with a Nigerian.

The vice-president’s daughter married her Nigerian lover Dr Alexander Ezenegu on Thursday, May 27 after the duo recently got engaged on May 8.

The event was strictly on invite and was held in Mr Ruto’s private mansion at Karen.

However, despite showing his support for his daughter’s union with his new Nigerian son-in-law, Mr Kuto revealed how difficult it was to admit his daughter was getting married to a Nigerian.

“It is both an exciting and anxious moment. It is not easy as a parent to give away your daughter. It is much more difficult if you are giving away your daughter to Nigerians” he said at the event.

“It is much more difficult when you are giving your daughter to Igbos” Mr Ruto added.

The union brought back memories of Kenyan Gospel singer Emmy Kosgie who also married a Nigerian, leaving Kenyans upset as they battled online implying Nigerians are gradually taking all their women.

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