June 18, 2021

Boom to Celebrities as YoruAPP Berths with Unique Offers

A new portal developed and piloted by a Dubai-based Nigerian, which has come to take a landmark space in the social media just as the brain behind it, Akeem Lameed, has promised bumper packages for every user of the application.

Known as YoruApp, it is also registered in the United Arab Emirates [UAE].However, the operational headquarters is in Lagos, a move the developer said is aimed at reaching out to more people as well as to enable them provide employment opportunities for Nigerians and Africans in the sub West African region.

Aside from using the application for the usual businesses- banters and interactions- that flow on social media, YoruApp has a lot of other advantages for the users.

‘’Everybody, [entertainers inclusive] have a lot to gain as it affords cash earnings too. ‘’Celebrities who use the platform in their daily activities will enjoy  a better deal than what other apps offer them and in this case users will be dealing directly with a source they know and can trust,’’ Mr Lameed stated.

YoryAPP, he added, is not just a social media but a space for all with creative ideas to share information and ideas while having fun. This can come from any field of life, experience or place. ‘’We believe can better understand and grow collectively as a people if we share ideas that empower from different communities, cities and countries,’’ he further explained.

There are also rewards for daily activities, viz; subscribers earn three points by commenting on any post; earn ten points by creating a new post; you earn two points by reacting on any post; earn 15 points by creating a new blog, while every user is also allowed to sell their products on YoruApp market page.

Akeem Lameed, the young Nigerian who majors in 3D Animation, in SAE Insitute, Dubai, is the Senior Partner, Creative Director/Project Manager of the portal.

He is well known for his strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression. He had successfully led brand design and marketing engagements for a variety of clients.

‘’My experience of industries, including technology, retail, consumer products and professional services is quite wide, adding, ‘’I am committed to elegant solutions powerfully-simple solutions.’’

Mr Lameed’s areas of expertise are sustainable design solutions, android and ios application, logo design and integrated brand identity systems, brand, print design and strategy web design and digital design, site architecture, site marketing and others.

-Austin Fair 

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