May 16, 2022

350,000 petition organizers to cancel Olympics as Tokyo insists on carrying on

Critics of Japan’s plan to hold the Tokyo Olympics despite the fourth wave of coronavirus infections submitted a petition on Friday calling for the games to be cancelled.

Three hundred and fifty thousand people signed the petition over nine days.

‘Stop Tokyo Olympics’ campaign organiser Kenji Utsunomiya said the global festival of sports should take place only when Japan can welcome visitors and athletes wholeheartedly.

The Games was postponed from 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are not in that situation, and therefore the games should be cancelled,” he told a news conference. Precious medical resources would need to be diverted to the Olympics if it’s held.”

The petition was submitted to the Olympic and Paralympic committee chiefs and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike.

It came as Japan added three more areas to a state of emergency, now covering Tokyo, Osaka and four other prefectures amid surging case numbers.

Asked about the campaign against the Games, Tokyo Governor Koike said she would work towards a “safe and secure” Olympics.

“Though there is a global pandemic, it is important to hold a safe and secure Tokyo 2020 Games,” she told a news conference.

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