July 4, 2022

Moment Dencia called her mother USELESS but says she doesn’t mean it that way

Controversial singer and business woman, Dencia says her mom is useless and then went on to define what the term useless means in her own dictionary.

She said in the middle of a serious convo her mother can bring in jokes and then said she is also like that and termed it useless. Both useless.

When IG bloggers took up the story, she quickly gave an update in a second post.

All that below…

“My mom is so childish & useless I see why I am how I am. She doesn’t take nothing seriously. We are the same person and it’s fucked!!! Two head strong, hard-working useless Arians”, she wrote.

In an update, she then said this;

”Oh my ‘”So the blogs have taken my

useless joke seriously I guess they

are new here !! Uselessness, childish are

regular fun words I use not in derogatory ways.

My mom ain’t like useless foolish idiot useless

it’s a fun useless

We having a serious Convo, she’ll respond with

childish Gifs it’s funny childish &


that woman works for the UN,

former volley ball player , has a foundation

taking care of hundreds of children around the


She’s useful to the world but plays too much

this is

just like me!! Now y’all won’t run this

why I never talk about her”

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