July 1, 2022

Nigerian lady wins $500K lottery jackpot in U.S after her brother gave her the ticket as a birthday gift

A Nigerian lady, Elizabeth Tutu Coker-Nnam, who lives in Maryland, United States has won a $500,000 jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

The ticket was given to her belatedly by her brother as a birthday gift. She marked her birthday on 2 March.

Coker-Nnam of Upper Marlboro, Maryland told Virginia Lottery officials her brother gave her the Premier Cash Scratcher ticket from the Virginia Lottery as a late gift a few days after her birthday.

She said she forgot about the ticket for a few weeks until she was on the phone with her brother and decided to scratch it off while they were talking.

The scratched card had a huge surprise for her: a $500,000 top prize.

“I screamed! He screamed! We both screamed!” Coker-Nnam said, according to UPI.

The winner’s brother, who purchased the ticket at the B.O.B. at the Pentagon in Arlington, accompanied Coker-Nnam to collect her prize.

“If I’d known it was that, I’d have kept it,” he said.

Coker-Nnam said her winnings will help her make sure her brother gets a memorable gift for his birthday.

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