July 1, 2022

Arsenal captain, Aubameyang deactivates Twitter account

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has deactivated his Twitter account after a bizarre rant aimed at the social media company in his final tweet. 

The Arsenal captain, who is recovering after contracting malaria, which has seen him miss the Gunners’ last three games, deactivated his account last night. 

Yet with his last tweet the 31-year-old Gabonese explained that ‘he had not missed Twitter’ and made series of criticisms, which did not make sense but suggested he took issue with the platform’s handling of the issues of coronavirus, online abuse and racism.

In full, Aubameyang posted: ‘I ain’t missed you Twitter. So we not allowed to talk about anything? 

‘Only football and Super League? No more talking about Covid?! Or online abuse or racism. Nice. Even Sick (without fone) I was feeling better than now with fone. 

‘Let me turn it off. See u.’ 


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