July 1, 2022

Shun consumption of animal skin to stave off cancer — U.I Professor advises

Stop consuming cow skin and stave off cancer, Vice-Chancellor, Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, Prof. Kola Oloke, advised in Ibadan on Tuesday.

“Animal skin known as “ponmo’’ is harmful to the body; it has no nutritional value.

“Runaway from meat, especially red meat. If you want to eat chicken, eat the local one.

“Consumption of animal protein can lead to diseases. More importantly, it causes cancer and death,’’ the microbiologist said while addressing a seminar on “Lifestyle, Diseases and Management’’ at the university.

“Millions of cases of food poisoning are recorded every year which are traceable to the consumption of meat, especially those with mad cow disease and helminthic infestations,’’ he said.

Prof. Oloke asserted that cancer was not only preventable but curable and added that 60 per cent of chronic diseases could be prevented through healthy diets.

He added that other lifestyle measures to stave off cancer and other diseases included managing stress, avoiding toxins such as alcohol and tobacco, regular exercise and adequate sleep.

“One of the things that cancer cells thrive on is sugar; so if you can take off the consumption of sugar from any cancer patient, you would have helped the patient.

“Some foods and fruits such as banana, apple, pineapple and carbohydrates are high in sugar content.

“Cancer patients should also avoid animal-based milk and consume plant-based milk,’’ he said.

 “Beans are the best meal for those suffering from cancer; beans prepared with olive oil and not red oil.

“Others are snails, Croaker fish, cabbage and leafy vegetables. These are good and nutritious for cancer patients,’’ he added.

The vice-chancellor also said that with proper nutrition, cancer cells could be killed, noting that consumption of walnuts and Soya products, but not Soya oil could kill cancer.

“Soya milk is good for breast cancer cure,’’ Oloke stressed.

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