July 4, 2022

S.e.x therapist, Angela Nwosu expecting first child with beau

Nigerian s.e.x therapist, Angela Nwosu is expecting her first child with her husband, Austin Soundmind.

She shared the good news of being pregnant to her fans on her Instagram page this morning which  happens to be her birthday.

Celebrating her new age, she noted that the best birthday gift she had was being pregnant while expressing her joy in starting the nine months journey of motherhood.

She wrote;

”Today is my birthday, I am happy to announce my best birthday gift ever. I am Pregnant . The wonderful nine months of motherhood have started counting for me. I never knew growing a fat tummy would be so enjoyable 

I have never felt this much happiness before. The universe is constantly using My husband to give me the best Gift in life. My life was happy, but not complete. I thank the universe today, I am blessed with the most precious gift, no material things comes close at all Sex Therapist, Angela Nwosu, and husband expecting their first child

Come on now, congratulate me on the biggest achievement of my life. I’m going to be a mother soon! I’m all prepared to say goodbye to my freedom and sleep. And guess what? I am extremely happy about it.

Happy birthday to me and may the universe continue to steady this happiness in my life and marriage. May every woman trying to conceive experience the bliss of pregnancy and child birth”

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