July 4, 2022

Russia detains Ukraine’s consulate general for ‘spying’

Russia has detained Ukraine’s consulate general Oleksandr Sosonyuk for “spying”

According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Oleksandr Sosonyuk received classified information from law enforcement agency databases.

The spying claims come amid high tension between the two ex-Soviet countries with fears the situation could deteriorate into war.

A statement from the FSB said he was “caught red-handed” in a meeting with a Russian citizen “receiving classified information from law enforcement agencies and FSB databases”.

The FSB said: “The foreign diplomat will be handled in accordance with the norms of international law.”

The security service said his activities were incompatible with his status as a diplomat.

He “has a clear hostile nature in relation to Russia.

“This activity is incompatible with the status of a diplomatic worker and is clearly hostile against Russian Federation”, the message reads.

Meanwhile, Russia has massed almost 100,000 troops on its borders with Ukraine in recent days, sparking fears of a full-scale invasion.

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