July 5, 2022

Anthony Joshua insists he would defeat Fury in blockbuster fight

Unified Boxing champion, Anthony Joshua has vowed again that he would defeat WBC title holder Tyson Fury in their forthcoming match to hold later this year.

Joshua told the Jonathan Ross Show, on Saturday when asked if Tyson could win but said unfortunately, he would lose the match.

Asked if Tyson could claim his three major belts, Joshua laughed: “Unfortunately he’s not going to win.”

Joshua also assured that the match would hold this year hinting that it may be by the end of July or early in August.

He also explained that the deal has been stalled due to finding a venue.

“I’m pretty sure it’ll be this year. End of July, early August,” he said.

“Where? That’s what’s the delay, because of this pandemic. We want to have people coming to the venue. It’s just finding the right location. For me, Wembley would be ideal.”

The Unified boxing champion also said thathe would be retiring from boxing in five or six years time.

At the age of 31, Joshua has become a two-time world champion, but believes he still has plenty more to achieve before eventually bowing out of boxing.

When asked how long he wants to remain in the sport, Joshua replied: “Five to six years left.”

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