June 20, 2021

#Fayemi’s Aide Alleges #Lere #Olayinka And #Gang Of #Intimidation, Threat To His #Life

#Fayemi’s Aide Alleges #Lere #Olayinka And #Gang Of #Intimidation, Threat To His #Life
#Fayemi’s Aide Alleges #Lere #Olayinka And #Gang Of #Intimidation, Threat To His #Life

#Fayemi’s Aide Alleges #Lere #Olayinka And #Gang Of #Intimidation, Threat To His #Life. The Special Adviser to Ekiti state governor on tertiary education, Dr Sikiru Eniola has alleged Mr Lere Olayinka, media aide to former Ekiti state governor, Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose and his gang of intimidation and threat to his life.

Dr Sikiru Eniola in a written report of intimidation and alleged threat to life dated 6th January, 2021 which was addressed to Ekiti state commissioner of police and copied to state Director of DSS alleged that Mr Lere Olayinka and his commissioned gang began to intimidate and threaten him following an exchanges on National issues between him and the former media aide on EKITI COALITION PLATFORM sometimes last year.

Part of the report reads, “The only misunderstanding between me and Mr Lere Olayinka was our sharp differences on opinion on matters of governance in Nigeria and Ekiti state in particular”

“These altercations took place on EKITI COALITION WHATSAPP PLATFORM several times. He has serially engaged in deliberate misrepresentation of Government actions and policies and thereby inciting public opinion against the Federal government and especially against the person and office of Ekiti state governor, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi. As a University teacher and public opinion analyst I have always tried to modulate such public misinformation and shared Government press release on social media platform”

He added that Mr Lere in his desperate attempt to paint him black and intimidate him, extracted his contribution on the said platform and pasted it on EKITI TOWN HALL platform where so many of his hirelings began to pour invectives on his person.

Dr Eniola in his report to the police authority furthered that his vehicle had been trailed on regular times between Ado-Ilawe-Igbara Odo axis and beyond by vehicles belonging to some suspected gang acting on the order of Mr Lere Olayinka.

“However beginning from September 2020, I started taking serious records of strange pattern of vehicle surveillance within Ado-Ekiti along Ilawe, Igbara Odo and Igbara Oke axis. Most of these vehicles are tainted in black cellophane and occupants are obviously invisible”

Dr Eniola stated it in the report that a similar pattern of intimidation was carried on his person by Mr Lere Olayinka sometimes around November 2014 after an exchanges on the same EKITI COALITION PLATFORM where his opinion was extracted and made as a news headline on BSES and EKTV.

The governor’s aide added that he was alleged then to have told former governor Peter Ayodele Fayose not to pay Local Govt. workers.

Dr Sikiru Eniola in his report to the police and DSS alleged that Mr Lere Olayinka gave out his phone number to his commissioned gang.

“The alarming rate at which idle youths keyed into this criminal conspiracy suggests that most of the guys are either Yahoo boys or cultist who are on the payroll of Lere Olayinka and his superiors in their faction PDP. For example I have received verbal threats from owners of telephone number 07049906834 between 4.53pm and 4.56pm on the 18th of November. 2020. In the same manner, I received harassments calls from telephone numbers 08158014631 between 7.12pm and 7.15pm and 0805823896 on Friday 13th, November 2020, 7am”

Dr Sikiru gave out the plate numbers of the vehicles alleged to have been on his trail as follows;

AAA 144 FQ, Lagos, Camry muscle, (MUS 220 CU, Camry Pencil, (MUS 233 CU, Camry Muscle. (APP 992 GE, Toyota Corolla, (KSF. 426GD, Lexus E350, black, (BDG 685 FP, Venza, dark Grey. (AKR 577 AE, Camry pencil, (FGB306 GN, Camry Muscle).

#Fayemi’s Aide Alleges #Lere #Olayinka And #Gang Of #Intimidation, Threat To His #Life

He called on the police authority and DSS to begin a thorough investigation on the report he sent to them which might in other way be useful to them in unraveling those behind several cases of kidnapping along Ado-Ilawe-Igbara Odo-Igbara Oke to Akure.

#Fayemi's Aide Alleges #Lere #Olayinka And #Gang Of #Intimidation, Threat To His #Life
Kayode Fayemi, Ekiti State Governor

He also added that it will be useful on unraveling the identities of those behind the burning of Ado-Ekiti and Akure long after the Federal government gave in to the request of Nigerian youths on the Endsars protest.

The Commissioner of Police. (5)

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