November 28, 2021

‘I don’t know why the f*** I bought a Lamborghini’, Sergio Aguero rants

Sergio Aguero raged ‘I don’t know why the f*** I bought a Lamborghini’ and admitted his £361,000 Aventador ‘has cobwebs’.

The Manchester City striker regrets coughing up for his unused luxury supercar – hinting nice wheels aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

The 32-year-old Argentine told TV show Santo Sabado: “I don’t know why the f*** I bought a Lamborghini.

“It must have done about 1,200km (745 miles) in six years – I’ve barely used it.

“I’ve been thinking for two years about what the f*** I bought that car for.

“Now the only thing it does is get cold from the rain; it has cobwebs and everything.”

Aguero collects a cool £250,000 a week at the Eithad with an annual income of £13million.

So the former Atletico Madrid forward is well placed to invest in the best four wheels money can buy.

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