May 15, 2022

Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites

Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites
Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites

Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites. Don’t quote wrongly, I begin this with knowledge that some people are hypocritically bigoted, some are ignorants, some are deliberately myopic and dead brain followers of anything goes.

People of Kagara in Rafi stood in prayers for security and peace in their land, I stand with them and pray that God almighty will answer their prayers.

But for a people to find solace in prayers only, to provide peace and security is a sad commentary on the state actors, public officials and political office holders, in a serious and saner environment, those with conscience would have conceded, they have failed and voluntarily throw in the towel to save what remains, if any of their reputation.

The primary responsibility of any Government is protection of lives and property of its Citizens, are the people of Kagara who went to pray today for Security and peace in their land protected by Government? May be yes, and or maybe no. That is left for the praying Kagarians to decide for themselves.

Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites

To the American pastor rescued Nigeria from Kidnappers by US army elite green beret forces, the Government has done its best in protecting him, he will proudly brag about USA!

The issue here is about people’s expectations of a government.

The story of the daring rescue mission of an American pastor of an obscure, unknown background from the clutches of daredevil kidnappers from Niger into by the full military might of a nation is the contemplation of the Nigerian constitution, when it said the primary responsibility of Government is protection of lives and property of its citizens, not of a people taking solace in divine intervention for peace and security, like in Kagara, Rafi LGA in Niger State.

The US army deployed resources, military hardware and soft to rescue an “ordinary” citizen who got kidnapped on a private missionary venture, not a state assignment but personal preaching exploits.

In Nigeria they would ask, who send am? Which party, APC or PDP? Christian or Muslim? If a Christian, Anglican or Pentecostal? If a Muslim Shiite or Tijjaniya or Izala?

Then the Government will set up a Committee to report back in two weeks, then another committee to draft white paper, another committee to implement and another one will oversee implementation and then a certain nondescript but power grabbing public officer with ears of the “Oga kpata kpata” will sit on the file, block the issues until the issues are permanently KIVed. Have we found Chibok girls? How many three months ultimatum have been given to “wipe” out BH?

The American soldiers didn’t take back flags or the Kidnappers, neither their holy book to President Trump, they took back the rescued American citizen.

The American soldiers didn’t issues warning press releases to warn the kidnappers, they didn’t negotiate and the political leaders didn’t make it a campaign issue. The acted and the result spoke for them.

In contrast too, the American citizens didn’t vote in Trump only to take solace in prayers, they prayed, voted and acted, they wanted competence not excuses.

Were Trump to make the mistake of asking Americans to out of a bad situation like in Kagara, Americans will vote him out on Tuesday without further delay.

But Nigeria is a country of hypocrites who shift their glaring failures to God, but claim credit for any accidental, unintended achievement.

Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites

Keep praying it is good but act, tell leaders to act, sack failed ones and never pamper them, they don’t deserve it, hold their feet to the fire, anyone who can’t stand the heat should get out of the kitchen.

Of #United States #Army Rescue Mission In #Nigeria, The Praying #Nigerlites

Yahaya Mohammed Usman,
Journalist and Commentator, writes from Minna
Twitter: @boyemdee

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