May 16, 2022

Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020

Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020
Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020

Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020. “Ozone for life” is the slogan for World Ozone Day 2020. This year’s celebration marks 35 years of global ozone layer protection.

Ekiti state Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources through Office of the Senior Special Assistant Environment Mr Akinyemi Akinyugha has chosen to sensitize operatives in the refrigerating/cooling industry of the hazards associated with the use of CFCs Chlorofluorohydrocarbons (An Ozone depleting chemical) and the discontinued use of this chemical in the global network of cooling industry from the multitude of factors that deplect the ozone layer.

The participants at this years event hosted by Ekiti State Government are mainly from the:

1. Nigerian Association of Refrigerator and Air-conditioning Practitioners (“NARAP”)

2. Cooling Parts Dealers Association

*Ekiti Marks World OZONE Day 2020*

The Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources in Ekiti State, Bar. Mrs Iyabo Fakunle-Okieimen has charged all residents of the state to live responsibly and become ambassadors for protecting our environment .

Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020

Mrs Fakunle gave the charge at the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer 2020, with the Theme: Ozone For Life-35 years of Ozone layer of protection , held at Data Bank Building, Ministry of Health, Ado- Ekiti.

The Commissioner stated that all hands must be on deck to make the environment friendly and put an end to harmful practices noting it requires concerted efforts of all to avoid such practices with the ultimate objective of total elimination.

She advised that residents should change their cooling mechanism to those that use friendlier and energy efficient alternative stressing the need to avoid the use of certain cleaning agents that are harmful to us and the environment.

“Avoid those cleaning agents with corrosive and solvent. Buy local products and reduce our use of automobiles as much as we can”. She advised.

In his lecture, the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment, Dr Akinyemi Akinlugba stated that the activities of human was damaging the terrestrial and aquatic plant life noting that not only is Ozone Crucial for life on earth but it is our responsibility to protect it for future generation.

In his Closing remarks, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment Mr. Tokunbo Alokan appreciated the efforts of the state government for organizing such training and other relevant trainings which he described as timely and well packaged to sensitise Ekiti residents on how best to manage and protect the Ozone layer.

Earlier in his remarks, the State Chairman, Association of Refrigerator and Air Condition Practitioners Ekiti State Chapter , Mr.Toyin Ademilua expressed deep appreciation to the Ministry for such programme.
Mr Ademilua advised the government to put in place a proper disposal system for recycling of wastes like what operate in the developed countries .

Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020

He charged members to engage in activities that would enhance protection of the environment for future generation.

Hot! #EkitiNewsToday: #Ekiti joins the rest of the world in celebrating #WorldOzoneDay2020

#worldozoneday2020 #careforenvironment🌱 #reducecarbonfootprint #reducecarbonemissions.


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