June 30, 2022

[Ghana] Colleges Are Likely To Witness Double-Track System Soon

Editor of the College of Education Weekly Journal, Larry Agbador has revealed that the double-track system will soon be introduced in institutions that train teachers for basic schools.





Speaking on Ghana-Accra Radio Station  Joy FM’s NewsFile Saturday, Mr Agbador explained that although Education Colleges have now matured into universities to award degrees to its students, facilities available in these colleges are inadequate.
Thus, the double-track system which was introduced in secondary schools in 2018 will be temporarily adopted by the Education Colleges until more amenities are built.





“Probably in November or early next year colleges are likely going to introduce double track in training teachers due to the reforms that are ongoing in Colleges of Education.






“As we speak now, we have 46 Colleges of Education that has been placed under five major Universities in Ghana. Before this, students spent two years on campus and use their last year for out duty in order to be awarded their diploma certificate. So now that colleges have been made Universities and are awarding degree, students have to spend four years on campus.






“But here is the case, we do not have the facilities to accommodate all of them. So that is what is going to lead to the introduction of the double-track system in colleges,” he explained.





Mr Agbador believes that the challenges that Senior Secondary Schools (SHS) are facing due to the double-track will soon be experienced in colleges.





He complained that government has disregarded the impact this new initiative could have on the country’s education system.





“Taking our minds off College of Education, the very institutions which train teachers for our basic schools is very wrong because if things go wrong at these institutions you should expect that the basic schools will be affected,” he stated.





Commenting on teacher training allowance, the College of Education Weekly Journal editor questioned if the policy would still be viable, after the implementation of the double-track system.





“Manifestoes of both parties have now come to a consensus that they are going to continue to pay teacher trainees allowance, but is it worth it?





“It is not that I am against it, but as a nation are we taking the right steps?” he quizzed

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