May 20, 2022

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki
Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki. I want to specially congratulate *Alh. Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu,* on his recent empowerment to the people of his constituency (Ajaokuta).

I know, the only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today, despite our agitations and called for good governance was termed sentimental, to the point of arresting one of our Comrade, *Abdulhameed Ivavah,* for asking for good governance, it’s obvious that our agitation is yielding positive result, as the said law Maker is now bracing up, kudos👍

Although it was crystal clear that those that were terming the agitation to be sentimental are the less exposed and those that refuse to maintain table manner while eating, and the ones that will not have any means of gaining anything even if the agitation is realized and materialized, as a result of their academic setback (but must you block the road for “the elites” not to voice out?) Anyway, men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.

I, *PRINCE DONAK,* will on behalf of Ajaokuta youths draw your attention to also extend the empowerment to lobbying and securing federal appointments for the youths. *Stop giving us fish and teach us how to fish on our own, that’s the hallmark of an archiver.*

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

N-Power is on, it was obvious how *Hon. Aloysius Okino* used the little opportunity he had to secure enough slot for his follower in the previous phase of the scheme, after creating free registration centers for the program.

Police registration is on, air force registration is on, and other in house opportunities which they will definitely not publicize. Despite we are “fortunate” to be in a country where you can only be considered for prestigious slot only when you have politicians either at the *Green/Red chamber or in the power house,* Ajaokuta Federal constituency is proud to have you there, please make use of it, even if you have to buy the slots and ask the youths (beneficiaries) to pay you back, they will be glad to do it and u will forever be remembered for that single act. As a serving House of Rep, you have a greater chance, power, influence and opportunity to do more than any other person in the constituency.

More also, as the chairman committee on population census, before the end of your tenure, Ajaokuta federal constituency should be proud of having at least 10 youths into the ministry and even more in other ministries…these are the things that’s done on daily basis by other Senators and Representatives, nobody know it all, we are all humans, you can ask questions on how to do it where necessary from your fellow colleagues and your advisers, just to put smiles on the face of your constituency and your name will be written in gold.

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

It doesn’t take anything to do good, the person you help while climbing the stairs might be the only person available to help you when coming down. It may not be you directly, but generations under you will reap the supreme prize of what you sow today!

No youth derives joy in criticizing any leader negatively, but all we want to do, is to make you all stand on your feet’s and account for days in office while representing us, that is democracy.

May I also use this opportunity to call on other prominent leaders of the land;

*Hon. Abdullahi Hassan Balogun AKA Chop Knuckle…* Ajaokuta youths are waiting for your contribution and dividends of your representation.
As the majority leader of the House, we look forward to see your empowerment no matter how little it is and job creation for the youths using your influence at the state level. We pray and hope to see at least ten (10) youths of Ajaokuta gainfully employed before the end of your administration.

*Hon. Haruna Saka,* commissioner for Health. You end up demolishing the Adogo cottage hospital we are managing even before you came into power and told us you will build general hospital, up till today, we are not seeing any development about it and information from a reliable source had it that, you are building and equipping your personal hospital in Kano and Lagos. I want to believe that multi million naira projects are just mere allegations and not yours because prosperity will never forgive you if you do this to the land you hailed from. If the above information is correct, maybe Ajaokuta people don’t deserve good hospital, that’s why u took it to Kano and Lagos after demolishing the small one we are managing.

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

Health is wealth and I know one day, you will aspire for a political position in Ajaokuta, if we are all dead before then, prosperity will judge who will vote for u, maybe you will bring your voters from Kano and Lagos to take our place.

*Hon. Prince Mustapha Aka’aba,* your landmark achievement was felt while you were the administrator of Ajaokuta local government and glory be to God, you are now the Senior special adviser to his Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello on security matter, I know you will not let us down as it is shown in your monthly joint meeting with the security operatives, please do more for your people…

*Prince Onyiekehi,* you are in charge of social investment program as we were made to believe, we are yet to see the list of beneficiaries from Ajaokuta local government. I hope you will use that good office to make Ajaokuta people proud of your administration at the end.

*Hon. Sanni Abdulrahim,* Director of Account, ministry of LG&CA. You are a born and known philanthropist, we know you derived joy in putting smiles on the people’s face, we know how many youths are grateful for crossing path with you, Ajaokuta youths are calling you to please, do more sir…

*Hon. Jibril Abu,* DG protocol to the deputy Governor, we know your worth and we know what you can do, Ajaokuta youths are waiting to hear from you sir.

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

*Mall. Suleiman Aliyu,* member permanent secretaryII, your moral and financial contributions to the youths hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we hope God in his infinite mercy will pay you back, please using your office, we are expecting more from you sir.

*Hon. Shedrack Lamidi Ananyi,* member permanent secretary II, we know it has always been your zeal to help the youth with any little opportunity you have, no matter how little, we are looking forward to hearing from you. You have done your best, but please we are expecting more…

Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

The host of other prominent leaders from Ajaokuta that may not be mentioned, you all know yourselves and you know how you can be of help to our teeming youths, irrespective of party, tribe and clan, Ajaokuta is our home and together, we shall make it great.

This will not stop me from condemning you when u go wrong and praise you when you are right, but constant praise singing even when things are going bad is what I refuse to do.

I have said this severally and u will keep saying it that, *I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and path with him when he goes wrong.*Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus – Prince Donaki

*A word is enough for the wise…*

_*I am OGEJAH NDANUSA KABIRU (Prince Donak) and that’s 👆my humble opinion.*_


Ajaokuta today, Ajaokuta in Focus - Prince Donaki

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