[Ghana] Ribery warns Fiorentina he'll make decisions for family after burgled last night -
July 6, 2020

[Ghana] Ribery warns Fiorentina he’ll make decisions for family after burgled last night


Franck Ribery has warned Fiorentina that he will make ‘the necessary decisions’ for his family’s wellbeing after they were burgled last night.

Ribery helped Fiorentina beat Parma 2-1 on Sunday, but the winger was forced off with an ankle injury midway through the second half.

To make matters worse, the 37-year-old went home to find it had been raided by thieves in his absence.

“When I returned from the victory over Parma, I went home,” he wrote on Instagram.

“This ‘home’ in Italy, a country where I decided to continue my career after so many beautiful years in Munich.

“This is what I discovered … So yes, my wife lost some bags, some jewellery but Alhamdulillah none of it was essential.

“What shocks me is this feeling of having my pants down. I’m not having any of it!

“Thank God my wife and children were safe in Munich, but how can we trust [our surroundings] today?

“How can I? Do we feel good here today after what happened? I don’t need to chase millions, we have everything we need thank God, but I always chase the ball because it’s my passion.

“Passion or not, however, my family comes first and we’ll make the necessary decisions for our wellbeing.”

Prior to the incident, the Frenchman had made no secret of his love for the city of Florence.


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