[Ghana] The future of Women’s football is bright – Hillary Boateng -
July 4, 2020

[Ghana] The future of Women’s football is bright – Hillary Boateng

Chairperson of the Women’s Premier League Committee, Hillary Boateng has spoken on the Youth Employment Agency program for some Premier League players accompanied with her appreciation to the Sports ministry and government as a whole.

Hillary Boateng has explained the excitement with which the program has brought to clubs and players since its the first of its kind in the history of Women’s football hence a big deal.

She has shown appreciation from the entire Women’s Premier League committee to the Ghana Football Association, its Executive council , Youth and Employment Agency, Sports ministry and the government on such a decision for nominating Women’s Premier League players as beneficiaries of the package.

In general, she described the future of Women’s football as bright and advised all administrators of Women’s football to continue advocating for the sport.

FIFA is doing its best in pushing the agenda of Women’s football as witnessed last year in the women’s World Cup with an encouraging attendance, quality of play and matches was enough difference of future progress.

Initially, attendance at Women’s games was poor till game centers were introduced alongside an encouraging live streaming viewership. The stereotype of Women’s football is still a lurk amongst most male clubs.

The Youth and Employment Agency program will put thirty female players from each club on a six months salary for playing football.

The major concern with Women’s football now is sponsorship, thus financially and product wise to cover training, putting up of better structures and salary payments in helping female clubs.


Credit :Nana Akua Fremah Gyamfi


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