“Let’s go be intimate,” I repeated, turning to look her in the eye. “Why so formal, T?” I asked and she smiled.

“Come, I will show you,” she said, rising and taking my hand.

Inside the room she sat on the bed and told me to wait and standing there, she pulled off my joggers and gasped when my schlong sprang out all ready and shit.

Calm, down soldier,” she said patting it as she rose to take off my tee shirt and then she raised her hands and asked me to take off her gown.

I pulled it off in one swift move and she laughed. Taiye was naked underneath and even though I had seen her naked every day since we started shagging, I always marveled at how good her body looked.

“You know what Yoruba’s call this kind of dress?” She asked as she got into my bed.

“That’s not a boubou, is it?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Yorubas call that ‘Mu ‘se ya!’” she said as we kissed.

“What does that mean?” I asked, taking her left nipple in my mouth.

“Make the job easy,” she told me and winced as I bit her gently.

“Touch me down there,” she said after we had played tonsil hockey for a while and I obeyed, slipping two fingers into her dripping wetness.

There was an urgency to her kisses and it went on for a while before she parted her legs again and bid me come.

“I want you inside me, your chest on my bosom and our lips together,” she said and let out a soft gasp as we became one.

And as we kissed, I could finally understand what she meant by being intimate. We were not standing or doing it in the kitchen, the bathroom or the balcony. This was a full-on missionary and our bodies had become one.

I pleasured her as I knew she wanted me to,  my lips moving from her lips to her ears and from her ears to the nape of her neck and from the nape of her neck to her dark and erect nipples and when I finally rode her to a loud climax, Taiye grabbed me close as she whispered in my ears: “I love you Zeal.”

“I love you T,” I whispered back, her warm breath fanning my neck.

I woke up around 9.30am and Taiye was not lying beside me. I went to the bathroom, did number 1 and 2 then showered. I had stopped shaving since the self isolation began and I now had a salt and pepper fuzz on my face.

I creamed myself then pulling on my discarded joggers and a clean tee shirt went outside. Taiye was not there. I brewed tea for two, warmed some cake and took it outside.

I sent her a message via whatsapp.

I had tea with cake then checked my emails. My sister had sent me a prayer chain and there was a message from Zizi saying she heard I called and asking me to tell Zulu to respect her because “I am not his mate.” Reading her message, I shook my head. The girl wanted to be treated as British yet her whole attitude was naija gangster.

I called London.

“Zizi, you are older but if you want him to respect you, then you have to show him some respect too, okay,” I told her after I had gotten an earful.

“Daddy you are taking his side because both of you are men,” she said.

“I am not. I am going to speak to him but you must show him some respect too because…” and before I could finish she had taken the words out of my mouth.

“Respect is reciprocal. But that boy is annoying.”

“I will speak to him, okay. Be nice.”

‘Yes daddy. Yes daddy.” That was all Zulu said and then when I asked whether he had anything to say my son said “Nothing Daddy after all you always take her side.”

These children, you can’t win.

“I wish you were here. These kids are driving me nuts,” Aramide said when I was done talking to the kids

“They will be alright. I have spoken to them.”

Vic had sent me some naughty videos and a one word message – BORED!

I ignored him and went to WebMD. A question caught my eye –

Can you get it more than once?


We still do not know the answer to this question for sure. Some people continue to have shedding of viral particulate even after their symptoms are gone. Scientists are still trying to answer this question, but it is likely, based on our experience with other viruses, that once you recover, you are immune to this particular strain of coronavirus. We also don’t know how long immunity will last if you do develop immunity at all to the infection.”

There was an email from my Lekki client.

“Dear Mr. Zeal, With the relaxation of the Lockdown, we are trying to see whether we can resume work. Time is going and the banks will be on our neck once this is over. I wish we could have you around as we progress.”

I have told this woman I am an architect and not a building engineer o.

I read her email then moved on. No need to reply.

It was almost past 1pm when I realised that I hadnt seen Taiye, so I cleared the table, washed up and then went to her apartment. The door wasn’t locked so I went in. She wasnt in the living room. I called out then checked the kitchen. She wasnt there. So, I headed for her room. She was lying in bed. The AC was on and her room was ice cold.

“T, you are going to catch a cold,” I said as I sat beside her. “You good?” I asked.

“So so,” she said.

“Talk to me, babes. Your parents, are they ok?”

“Everyone is fine,” she said.

“So, what’s up? Talk to me, T.”

“Do you think I am desperate?” she asked, sitting up.

“Desperate? For what?”

“You. Love. To be loved by you.”

“What are you talking about T. I never said that?”

“Yeah, but last night after I said I love you it took you like forever to reply,” she said her British accent coming in strong and thick.

“Forever,” I said mimicking her.

“Don’t make fun of me, Zeal,” she said.

“Well, this is funny T. You said I love you and I replied immediately.”

“But you don’t.”

“I don’t? How do you know that?”

She opened her mouth to speak, shut it and looked down on her hands.

I moved in to her bed and pulled her to me.

“Sex and proximity like we are having can only lead to two things – affection or disaffection. I like you, I enjoy being with you and though the sex is not so good…”

“Liar,” she cut in and I laughed.

“Don’t interrupt Miss Desperado,” I said wagging a finger. “As I was saying, even though the sex is noot so good, I see myself falling for you too. So, if you must know, the feeling is mutual,” I said, leaning over to kiss her.

We kissed for a while and when the kiss ended, Taiye said “Zeal, I dont want to pressure you but we are stuck here, the sex is fantastic and you are a great guy but we have to define what we are doing.”

“And we shall, but now lets enjoy our love, okay. We don’t have to analyse everything.”

I snuggled in beside her and burrowing in under the duvet, pulled her to me.

We slept for a while, woke up, had lunch then watched Netflix.

There was some good news from LASG. 11Covid-19 patients had recovered and been discharged but there was bad news.