September 24, 2022

Hot: Checkout The Country Where Men Must Marry Older Women, And Mothers Can Marry Their Son

Recall that back in the 1200s, there was an Africa tribe located around the border of Togo in which they had a population of over 50000.

They were popularly known for their cultural beliefs and practices.But the mostpopular one was the aspect of marriage, Men were supposed to marry women that are old enough to be their mother and it was a general belief that if a man marries a woman that is younger than him. Both of them will die mysteriously.

Incest was a general practice when a mother marries her own son was very common. When men go into war and die the son is meant to marry the mother as custom. After the intervention of the whites. They killed a lot of them and took most of them into captivity.People say that the tribe no longer exist but historians are still trying to locate them.

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