December 3, 2022

Due To Unpaid Tithes Church Declined To Officiate At A Member’s Funeral

The issue of tithe is the biggest debate you would ever engage yourself in, some number of Christians don’t pay tithe because of some reasons as not knowing what the money is used for by the church and also believe the pastors use it as an avenue to make money off them, others see it as the duty of every Christian to pay tithe as says the Lord.

@MrOdanz, a Nigerian, has expressed his displeasure on how churches and men of God are using christianity to enrich themselves through tithing. He took to social media to narrate how a church refused to officiate at a member’s funeral over tithe nonpayment.

He tweeted:

“A colleague’s father died and their church (name withheld) is refusing to officiate the burial.They claim he stopped attending the church and paying tithe 3 years ago. And if the church must bury him, the family has to pay all the tithe he didn’t pay in the 3 years”

The tweet, blew up where other users came in blasting the churches and also narrating similar issues they’ve encountered.

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