September 24, 2022

Boy With A Full Body #Tatoo worth Of Over 30million USD, Found #Dead.

Rick GenesT, who plays Lady Gaga’s single MV “Born Like This,” was found dead at 32 in an apartment in Montreal, Canada. He is also the person with the largest number of tattoos on human bones in Guinness World Records (139).

Then why does he need a full body tattoo? Why did you choose suicide.

In fact, when he was very young, he liked stickers with patterns very much. When he was 15, God made a big joke. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and his life was in danger at any time. 

He Even if he is lucky to survive, he will be disfigured. The great pressure caused his psychological distortion, and he was fascinated by death and disease. Later he had a successful brain tumor operation, but this operation made him understand that he should do what he wanted to do.He has had his first tattoo since he was 16. Then, he spent 3 years and nearly 30 million US dollars to tattoo his whole body to make himself a perfect artwork.

In 2011, famous stylist Nicola Formichetti happened to see Rick Genest’s page on Facebook. Attracted by this boy with strong visual impact, he sent out an invitation to cooperate-to hold a show for the French brand Thierry Mugler, and took this fashion album in autumn and winter 2011, so that the fashion circle remembered him.

This zombie boy is popular in the fashion world and has appeared on the covers of various magazines.

In 2014, Rick Genest also advertised the cover brand DelaMaBube, which made everyone see his “real face”.

But all these different appearances are loneliness and fragility that others cannot touch. Rick Genest is a bold artist and a well-known figure in fashion circles. “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest was found dead in an apartment in Montreal, Canada, at the age of 32. Now we can only hope that he will be happy in heaven.

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