August 3, 2022

I Have An Unshaken Trust In God, But For Me Heaven And Hell Doesn’t Exist – EFIA ODO

As much as the Christian faith is naturally depicted by individuals belief of whom God Is to them, same reasons why Some people will believe what they choose to on the true existence of heaven and hell.

As far as death is concerned and where next to go after death, many believe it is not something to worry about.

Ghanaian television presenter and slay queen Efia Odo does not subscribe to the school of thought and doctrine that heaven and hell exist.

In a post she made on her Twitter account, the beautiful socialite and actress stated that she believes in God but what happens to one’s soul is what he does on earth whilst alive.

She wrote:

“I believe in God. Heaven and hell aren’t places to me. No one has been there to know. If you lived and honest and good life, when you die your soul will be at peace. If you lived the opposite then your soul will be tormented.”

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