December 3, 2022

HEARTBREAKING: Arthur Nwankwo The Former Vice Chairman Of NADECO Is Dead

Dr Nwankwo the Former Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) and founder of Eastern Mandate Union (EMU), is dead.

Sources disclosed that he passed on at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu on Saturday, February 1.

Arthur Nwankwo was an author, a social critic, publisher and philosopher.

The pan-Igbo activist has written several books including “The Making of a Nation: Biafra -1969”, “Nigeria: The Stolen Billions – 1999”, “Nigeria: The Challenge of Biafra- 1972”, “Nigeria: The Political Transition and the Future of Democracy- 1993”, “The Igbo nation and the Nigerian state- 1999”, “The Igbo leadership and the future of Nigeria- 1985”, among others.

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