December 1, 2022

Why Nadia Buhari Became Shy To Kiss On Movie Set

Should I refresh your memories with the TGM news about 48hours ago thecase of Speed Darlington the Nigerian rapper who was overly happy for he got a scene to kiss a co-actor I mean the Ghanaian movie queen Nadia Buhari.

Finally, the moment came for him to make hay while the sun shines.

We have sighted a video of the most anticipated scene where the two actors will kiss in the movie.

However, Nadia Buari was shy of kissing Speed Darlington and one can’t tell why it was so.

The two held each other starring each other in the eye and it was quite a moment of tension.

A crew member made a hilarious statement which got the whole production team and actors burst into laughter.

Watch the video below;

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