December 2, 2022

Media Users Angry With Lady After Stating Kobe And His Daughter Deserves To Die

A Nstay Twitter user has incured the wrath of social media users for saying that the late basket-baller Kobe Bryant and his little daughter Gianna deserved death for having an incestuous affair.

@daenarysbaby who backed her claim by sharing a photo of Kobe and Gianna sharing a lip kiss, alleged that their death in a helicopter crash is an atonement for their sins.

The Twitter user also alleged that God appeared to her in a dream, telling her that he was going to kill the basketball legend and his daughter over an incestuous affair.

Nigerian lady dragged by Twitter users after saying Kobe Bryant and Gianna deserved to die over an

Some Nigerian Twitter users riled by the tweet, launched a campaign that got the account with over 2,000 followers suspended.

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