November 28, 2022

Brides Hair Ruined, Forced To wear Wig For wedding

A bride was forced to splash out more than £1,000 to buy a wig to wear on her wedding day after her hairdresser cousin “ruined her hair”.

The woman was devastated when her plans for lavish long locks – courtesy of some new extensions – resulted in her having to have all her hair cut off.

Her cousin, a trainee hairdresser, offered to create her new look but, when things went south and she was asked to pay to fix the damage she’d caused, she refused.

The cousin turned to Reddit to ask whether she was out of order for failing to pay, but was inundated with people telling her to cough up the cash.

When her cousin Milly told her she wanted clip-in extensions for the wedding, she offered to fit nano-bond extensions instead so they would last for the honeymoon as well.

And of course, with her dream hair in sight, she was “ecstatic” to see the results.

Both the cost of the extensions and the fitting from a local salon, came at a hefty price tag of $1450, equivalent to £1,106.

But after doing some more research, the woman found a set for $600, £458, which she claimed were “fantastic quality” – bargain.

To save the bride some cash she offered to fit the new hair for her, at half the price the salon was charging.

And when the hair arrived, the pair were eager to get the process started.

Once she was finished, Milly seemed “super happy” with the outcome.

But the brilliant results didn’t last long and the next day when Milly’s hair was matted with “a weird goo.”

The woman got to work trying to comb through the individual extensions, and even though she’d read that it’s normal to experience some strand loss, soon enough more than 15 had fallen out.

Luckily, Milly managed to snatch up a last minute appointment at a local salon to see what the problem was.

“Later that day Milly turns up at my house and my jaw all but hit the floor because she had a pixie cut.

“She came storming over hysterical telling me the salon said I used the wrong kind of bonding glue and that I shouldn’t have been using glue at all for the extension method I was using.”

The bride-to-be insisted her cousin pays out for a $1300, £991, wig for the wedding day since her hair wouldn’t grow in time.

She wrote on the thread: “I don’t think I should have to do this! I followed the tutorials and seriously don’t know what went wrong I did this to help her and now she’s asking I pay an insane amount on a wig”.

One fellow Reddit user said: “Pay for the damn wig. This is 100% your fault. Not only did you oversell your skills, not bother to get proper training on a semi-permanent hair treatment, and ruin someone’s hair, but you did it RIGHT BEFORE HER WEDDING. Jesus Christ.”

And another agreed: “If you have only “watched tutorials” you don’t charge someone $600 and do their wedding hair extensions. You owe her at MINIMUM the $600 plus the cost of the salon visit to get the extensions out. The cost of the wig is not an unreasonable ask.”

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