September 27, 2022

Teenu Impactress Talk Show Is Out To Change The Way Women See Themselves In Our Society

The burning issue of how women aren’t taking the rightful place in the society because of various reasons is again being pushed to the front burner by a strong-willed lady who’s ready to change the narrative of ladies in the various societies across Europe. Tinuade Ojomu is poised to change the psyche of women, especially the ones who have been through marriage crisis.

Tinu , an advanced nursing practitioner cum feminist while speaking to the City News about her ‘Teenu Impactress” talk show which debuts about a month ago says there’s the need to change the narrative of women in various societies across the globe.

Tinu, who’s been through a very rough patch in marriage which nearly ‘consumed’ her says she’s out to use her nasty experience and professional training to help liberate millions of women who are trapped in traumatic relationships/marriages which might ultimately kill their self-worth and self-esteem.

Speaking further , Tinu says the main thrust of her new talk show is basically to re-engineer the minds of women and change their psyche so they can become better women and ultimately live a fulfilling life.

She added that various mind-boggling issues bedeviling women will be x-rayed during the show whilst solutions will be proffered to problems being encountered by women as they journey through life. Tinu through her platforms, is busy working on how to inform “trapped” women that they’re worth better relationships and to stop looking down on themselves. Teenu_Impactress is already popular in the UK , but she hopes to take her message of hope and succor to women across world. Her website is

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