December 3, 2022

Nigerian student in her 6th grade at Ukraine medical school commits suicide after school allegedly expelled her

A Nigerian students schooling in Ternopil State Medical University in Ukraine has allegedly killed herself after the school allegedly expelled her.

Badmus Ololade Rafiat, a final year medical student, felt she had no choice after she was expelled from her school for failing to pass her mock exam ahead of her final MBBS.

According to reports, she made attempts to transfer to another school to take the MBBS as other students do, but the school allegedly kept frustrating her and refused to provide the transcript needed for the process.  They allegedly only gave her the option of returning to Nigeria to reapply for a student visa to start all over again.

After her pleas yielded no result and her dean refused to reconsider her case, Ololade wrote a suicide note and took her life on Thursday, January 16th.
The school mourned her and put up a notice on a wall in the school with her photo, saying she killed herself because she was depressed and suicidal. 
But her friends are saying she was never suicidal, that the school made her commit suicide.

Nigerian students in the school are now planing a protest. “Lets meet in Centre @ 12pm,” a notice sent out to Nigerian students in the school reads.

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