September 25, 2022

Man sues p.o.r.n hub for making it difficult for deaf people to enjoy p.o.r.n

Yaroslav Suris is suing the popular p.o.r.n site claiming it has denied the deaf and hearing-impaired access to its videos that others can easily enjoy.

In a report by TMZ, in some documents obtained, Suris says a lack of closed captioning violates their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

He further says the deaf and hearing impaired can’t understand the audio portion of videos on the websites. Some of the titles Suris says he watched but was completely lost on dialogue include “Hot Step Aunt Babysits Disobedient Nephew,” “Sexy Cop Gets Witness to Talk” and “Daddy 4K Allison comes to Talk About Money to Her Boys’ Naughty Father.”

He goes further to say he and those in similar situations would shell out dough for Pornhub’s premium subscription but calls it pointless without closed captioning. #Priorities

He’s suing to get P,o,r,n,hub to be inclusive and add closed captioning plus damages.

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