December 1, 2022

Miss Belgium 2020 winner falls on stage and loses bra during live pageant

A beauty queen fell on stage and lost her bra on live TV moments after being crowned Miss Belgium 2020.

Celine Van Ouytsel was filmed walking down the steps at the prestigious pageant when she took a tumble and fell to her knees.

The 23-year-old from Antwerp dusted herself off and quickly got back up but eagle-eyed viewers noticed she was missing a piece of underwear.

During the fall her strapless bra popped off and landed close to her feet.

However the model, who is a law graduate, brushed off the red-faced moment and walked along as if nothing happened.

She told news men: “I fell today, but I am the best example that you just need to stand up again if you fall, also in life.”

A short clip of Celine’s embarrassing tumble has been viewed more than 27,000 times on social media.

But with 72,000 followers on Instagram , Celine has die hard fans who have offered their support.

One said: “She handled that so well with so much grace.”

Another added: “Aww, bless her heart.”

Darline Devos, the pageant’s organiser said: “Celine is very fluent speaker, something which she already had as a child.

“She is a real entrepreneur.”

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