December 3, 2022

Kate Ferdinand reveals she is sick and bed-bound

Distraught Kate Ferdinand confessed she’s “going mad” and is bed-bound at home as she battles an illness.

The former reality star, 28, is currently resting in her “happy place” and admitted she’s feeling rough and unable to shift her illness.

Rio Ferdinand’s wife told Instagram fans she’s picked up a sore throat, bad cough and ringing ears – which sparked concern amongst them.

Sharing a sweet photo of herself snuggled up in bed alongside her dog, Kate wrote: “My happy place. Morning snuggles with Roo!

“Anyone else not been able to shift feeling rough?

“Feeling fine in the day time, then early mornings and night times it keeps coming back.. sore throat , bad cough, ringing ears feel like I’m going mad any advice guys?? ❤”.

One fan advised: “Try having a hot shower morning or eve and add some drops of eucalyptus at the end breath it in taking deep breaths helped with me. Feel better soon”.

Another told her: “Try and get more rest xx”.

A third said: “Same… was feeling very lightheaded too. Think it’s viral so lots of fluid & rest x” as a fourth suggested: “Sleep and snuggles. You’ll be back to it no time xx”.

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