September 25, 2022

Trump Intervenes into British Monarchy’s Royal fallout

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Donald Trump waded into the British monarchy’s royal fallout on Friday, expressing his sympathy for Queen Elizabeth II and calling Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back from royal duties ‘sad’.

Speaking on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’, the President voiced his disappointment at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell announcement Wednesday that they’re quitting public life and will now work to become financially independent from the Royal Family.

When asked if he had any advice for how to deal with the ‘rogue royals’, Trump replied: ‘I think it’s sad. I do. I think it’s sad. She’s a great woman,’ he said, appearing to reference Queen Elizabeth. ‘She’s never made a mistake if you look. I mean, she’s had like a flawless time.’

Host Laura Ingraham then asked Trump if he believed Meghan and Harry should return to Buckingham Palace. Trump insisted he didn’t ‘want to get into the whole thing’, but said: ‘I just have such respect for the Queen, I don’t think this should be happening to her.’

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