December 3, 2022

Man speaks on how his sister was rejected for a modelling job because she is an amputee

Friday, January 10, 2020

A man has taking to twitter to explain how his sister was rejected because of her condition. He said his sister got booked for a face modelling job, and when she got there for the job, the makeup artiste who had booked her, ‘rejected’ her saying something came up.

According to her brother, she already got the job, but the artiste didn’t know she had just one hand.

In face modelling jobs, the hands are mostly not needed. He wrote;

”So apparently my baby sis got rejected by a make up artist ( client ) because apparently when booking a face model she didn’t know she was an amputee … got there and she lied to her that something came up ,”

A lot of people commented under the post, wishing his sister all the best in life and spoke about how beautiful she is.

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