September 24, 2022

I was told I won’t amount to anything – Georgina Onuoha

Friday, January 10, 2020

Nollywood actress and health worker Georgina Onuoha reveal that she bagged a Ph.D. 2 years ago, urging parents to always speak positively to their children and encourage them in the right direction.

Georgina says she was constantly told that she will never amount to anything good while growing up. Her words;

Time flies
Flashback Friday
#two years ago I bagged this one ☝️
My daughter asked me this evening, “mom why do I keep seeing Ph.D. candidate on all your paperwork and documents?

Me, I’m just pulling the bull by the horn.
Why? Do you want to become a doctor?
Me: Anything is possible child especially when you are constantly being told “ you will never amount to anything without me”
Child: I see. I want to become a brain surgeon
Me: It’s in your DNA. Reach for it child because girls with dreams become women with visions.
Having such affirmative conversations with our kids is crucial and important.
Always speak life into them.
I was always told, “ you will never amount to anything “
Me, “watch me smash those ceiling glasses”.
Still I rise.
2020 mindset
Reach for the Stars ✨
The journey of one thousand kilometers begins with a step, take it one by one at your own pace.
Reach for your stars and never let the naysayers dim your lights.
No tears, No Pain No gain.
Just Do It.

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