July 1, 2022

Evils of the state governors: only Lagos state and 6 Northern states are paying the new minimum wage

√1. In the South west, it is only Lagos State that pays minimum wage N35000.

√2. In the South East, no state pays new minimum wage.

√3. In the South South (with oil money) no single state pays

√4. In the North Central none.

√5. In the North East Adamawa pays N32.000 new minimum wage, Bauchi N30000.

√6. In the North West Kano N30,600… Jigawa N30000… Kaduna N30000….Katsina N30000 and Kebbi N30000

•√1. Out of 7 states currently paying the New Minimum wage, 6 are core North.

•√2. No single south south state is paying.

•√3. None of The 4 Core oil producing states of Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, is paying.

•√4. The 4 oil states of the South have more allocations than the 19 States of the north combined yet 6 States in the North are able pay the new Minimum wage and no state in the South is.

The 6 states paying new minimum wage are all core North….

In summary, Buhari is not our problem…!
The citizen of these states criticize, and lambasted the federal government when the negotiations were on going,…some called it a big shame.

Now, they are not shouting at their state governments….the greatest noise came from the south east and south-south…., now with all the derivatives and allocations….they still cannot pay..!

PMB released the minimum wages to South South governors to pay their workers but yet their Governors keep mute…they’ll still tell their followers that PMB wanted to islamize Nigeria or they’re marginalized by PMB and North

My Question is that who is fooling who?

I wonder where the greater evil resides.


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