September 26, 2022

Boy called cheeky monkey by mom is suspected to have been murdered hours after 2nd birthday

Friday, January 10, 2020

The two-year-old boy who is suspected to have been murdered hours after celebrating his second birthday has been pictured for the first time.

Kiegon O’Brien, who was described by his mother as a ‘cheeky monkey’, died yesterday after being rushed to hospital from a property in Doncaster, South Yorkshire on January 8.

Following his death, a 36-year-old man and 32-year-old woman, both from the Adwick area of Doncaster were arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently being questioned by detectives.

Pictures taken at the scene this morning showed a police car parked outside the terraced property where the suspected murder is believed to have taken place.

One shot of the kitchen window showed a multicoloured streamer with the words ‘happy second birthday’ written across it while another picture showed two bouquets of flowers left outside the house in memory of the boy.

A buggy and children’s toy could also be seen in the front garden.

Neighbours have this morning spoken of their anger and sadness over the incident, which has sent shock-waves through the community.

Retail worker Mark Hillary, 43, said: ‘It’s shocking that this happened to such a young boy.

‘I’m devastated this happened – I just can’t believe it. It made me sick.’

David Brown, a 54-year-old auditor who lives next door to the house on Bosworth Road, described his neighbour as a ‘quiet’ and ‘nice’ woman who ‘kept to herself’.

He described the moment on Wednesday that emergency services, including a helicopter, descended on the property as ‘shocking’ and a ‘massive commotion’.

South Yorkshire Police Detective Chief Inspector James Axe said: ‘The loss of any life is tragic, and the death of this little boy is undeniably devastating.

‘Our thoughts are with those who are affected and our specialist officers will continue to support them.

‘We have a dedicated team of officers assigned to this investigation.

‘Two people are in custody and we are working hard to establish the exact circumstances leading up to this child’s death.’

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