September 24, 2022

Man’s ‘third testicle’ is removed after strange growth

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A 26-year-old man with a “third testicle” dangling between his legs has finally had the bizarre growth removed.

Ravon, from Clarksville, Tennessee, went to see Dr Pimple Popper – real name Sandra Lee – at her clinic, on the latest episode of her hit TV show.

He explained that the uncomfortable-looking mass appeared close to his genitals about a year ago.

But in the last few months it has grown to the size of a tennis ball – and now it’s time to get rid.

Speaking to TLC, he says: “It’s like a third testicle, and it’s just there hanging.

“It started about a year ago and it was about the size of a bouncy ball that you get out of one of those machines.

“When I first seen it I didn’t think of it as anything big – I just thought it was an ingrown hair.

“Then over the course of about six months to now it’s got to the size of a tennis ball.

“At times it’ll be like a pain that comes through on it or it’ll be rubbing up against my leg or something.

“So it’ll get irritated and once it gets irritated a rash will pop up on it and it’ll start getting sore and then a whitehead or pimple will pop up on the bump.”

Ravon then demonstrated how much of an inconvenience the lump has become for him when he tries to use the toilet.

He says: “When I go to use the bathroom I have to lift up my leg. I can’t really sit on it.

“When I sit down it instantly drops into the toilet.

“I’m not saying it hits the water or anything like that but it’s hanging there, so you’ve already got two genitals there, just imagine another large mass hanging off your leg. It’s just nasty.”

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