May 21, 2022

R Kelly’s brother says star bribed him to take fall for child s.e.x tape

R Kelly’s brother has claimed the rap star tried to bribe him with cars, a record deal, and tens of thousands of pounds to take the fall for being involved in a s.e.x tape with an underage girl.

Carey Kelly, the 49-year-old younger brother of disgraced singer R Kelly, 52, makes the shocking claims in the new documentary series: Surviving R Kelly Part II: The Reckoning.

In the course of the documentary, Carey comments on the string of serious crimes that R Kelly has been accused of (crimes that the I Believe I Can Fly singer has denied) – and appears to throw a fresh accusation at his brother: bribery.

Carey has hit out at his brother over a s.e.x tape that was filmed in 2002 allegedly showing R Kelly engaging in sexual relations with a woman who was alleged to be under age

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