May 20, 2024

20 doctors in UniIorin Teaching hospital contract covid-19

Twenty doctors in the University of Ilorin Teaching hospital have contracted the novel virus, Covid-19.

President of the Association of Resident Doctors of the hospital, Badmus Habeeb on  Wednesday said the doctors contracted the virus within the past three weeks, saying resident doctors are combating the pandemic based on the available resources.

Mr. Badmus noted that although Covid-19 vaccine has been discovered, and it has brought hope and relief for everyone, it seems Nigeria may not get the vaccine anytime soon.

He bewailed poor resource setting in the country, where the necessities to make the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines easy and possible, are not readily available.

However, Mr. Badmus urged Nigerians to get vaccinated when the vaccine is available, stressing that ” this is not the best times for us and our families and the affected patients”.